Jobs For Teens By Age

In New Jersey, once you turn 14 you can get working papers which allow you to work for many different types of businesses. However, there are many opportunities in the community for teens and tweens 13 and under.


Jobs For 13 Year Olds and Younger

Babysitting - babysitting younger neighbors is a great first job and a good way to build your resume.
​Mother's Helper - many moms need an extra hand for a few hours, especially in the summer.
Pet Sitting - taking care of small animals like a hamster is a great way to build your pet sitting skills.
Dog Walking - walking the neighbor's dog is a fun way to make some extra money and is a big help to dog owners.
Washing Cars -  take advantage of good weather and offer to wash your neighbor's car.
Lawn Mowing - mowing is a great way to make extra money and build a client base
Raking Leaves - most people don't enjoy raking their leaves so take this burden off your neighbors, especially the elderly 
Shoveling Snow - before a snow storm is about to hit, tell your neighbors that you are available to dig them out
Odd Jobs - moving boxes, putting things together, painting a fence, mulching are a few of the many odd jobs you can do
Collecting mail and checking house for neighbors on vacation - offer to help your neighbors when they go away
Newspaper Delivery - believe it or not people still read the newspaper and many local papers still get delivered
Tech help - if you are tech savvy, offer to help your older neighbors with their computer issues 


Jobs For 14 Year Olds - getting working papers will allow you to work at many local businesses 

All of the above
​Golf Caddy - this is great way to build your social and networking skills and you will meet many different people
​Dishwasher - if you want to work in a restaurant this is a good place to start
Supermarket Worker - there are many different opportunities in a supermarket and it's a good first job
Fast Food Worker - you will learn how to deal people and work in a fast paced atmosphere
Work for a small retail business - working for a small local business is a great way to be part of your community
Work in a movie theater - If you love movies this is a great first job
Camp Counselor - If you like working with younger kids this job is for you


Jobs For 15 Year Olds

All of the above
Lifeguard - if you are a strong swimmer and love the outdoors this is a perfect job for you 
Restaurant Host/Hostess - you will learn how to make a great first impression at this job
Office Work - working in an office will expose you to all areas of a business
Customer Service - if you enjoy helping people, this job is for you
Kennel Attendant - for anyone who loves animals, this job is a must
Kids Party Assistant - this is a great job for someone who loves kids


Jobs for 16 Year Olds and Older

All of the above
Tutor - this is a great way to start teaching younger students with your excellent academic skills 
Waiter/Waitress - once you have experience, you can do this job anywhere
Front Desk/Greeter - you will perfect your people skills doing this job
Party Host - put your great personality to good use as a party host
Driving  babysitter - age 17 - you will learn a great deal of responsibilty working as a driving babysitter
Delivery driver - age 17​ - 
if you are a responsible and safe driver this job is perfect for you


Of course this is just  a sampling of the many jobs that are available to teens. The possiblities are endless!