Employer Services

Helping Employers find young, local talent easily is our goal. Whether the job is a one-time project or a permanent part-time position, we can help make the process smoother.

How it works

  1. Post a job - teens will receive an email alert as soon as the job is posted
  2. Search resumes - you can review resumes posted by registered teens
  3. Receive applications via email - teens apply directly for the job through the site
  4. Applicant tracking - you will have access to an Employer Dashboard where you can manage your applications 
  5. Hire 

For an additional fee, we will review the applications and forward the best candidate information to you so that you can quickly start your interviewing*


Why Should You Hire Teens?

  • Supports the economy - If teens are unable to find jobs there could be long-term consequences. It may become more difficult for them to find employment later in life. The teens you fail to employ now could come back to you for jobs in early adulthood still lacking the skills they need. This could lead to a potential skills gap down the road, according to a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Reduces payroll costs - Since most teens work part-time, they are usually satisfied with minimum-wage employment that offers them flexible scheduling and the opportunity to learn new skills. Also, teens don't need the employee benefits that older workers expect. 
  • Potential tax credits - New Jersey offers employers tax credits for hiring young worker who live in specific areas.
  • Fresh perspective - Teenagers have an entirely different perspective than your other staff members, which means they approach old problems in a fresh way. This could be especially beneficial if your target market overlaps significantly with their age group.
  • Social Media savvy - Teenagers are Social Media experts and can help you build your online presence quickly and easily.


*TeenJobsNJ.com does not perform background checks on teens or employers.